theres never enough lesbians in anything 

hinc illae lacrimae   accurate   



landscape porn   photography   

I don’t think Erik liked the 70’s that much. [x]

rire   X-Men   


she had curves in all the right places, and all the left places, also, and in places forgotten by time, and in places known only by dwarven scholars

hinc illae lacrimae   so accurate   

landscape porn   photography   

how to talk to babies about marxist theory

rire   saquel   

Hemlock Grove   this has made it's way into my vocabulary   at this point I could write an essay on the subtle differences in meaning of various pronounciations of shit that I use on daily basis   

And I built a home,
for you,
for me.

music   The Cinematic Orchestra   

*the sound of a million hearts breaking and bursting simultaneously*

Criminal Minds   enough sugar to cause diabetes   fluff